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Las Vegas Building Plans Consulting Services
We offer "turnkey" personalized services, expert knowledge of the permit expediting processes, and the ability to cut through some of the so called "Red Tape". Our rates are reasonable and we're available 24/7. Our services include, but are not limited to:

Architectural Drawings and Surveys - Our expeditors work closely with architects and contractors to help ensure that your project will be a complete success. Each project plan is thoroughly examined before they are submitted for review. Each party involved will receive a detailed written checklist outlining the submittal requirements specific to your project and will receive bi-weekly updates as to the progress. We are familiar with permit requirements in most municipalities.

Restaurant Consulting - We offer consulting to new restaurant and nightclub owners to guide them through the permit process to help ensure a smooth start to your new business. We attend all health review meetings on your behalf. The discovery process can often uncover hidden expenses that may jeopardize the future success of your business.

Special Use Permits- We offer design review consultation and attend all pre-design and design review meetings to present your project to the town board. We also attend the commission meeting to make sure the special use permit is approved.

Sign Permits - We offer sign permit services to companies through the comprehensive review of the permitting, design, location, construction, erection, modification, use, maintenance, and removal of signs are completed according to local sign ordinances.

"We're Available 24/7"

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Chris Giunchigliani, Commissioner Las Vegas
Bruce Woodbury, Former Commissioner Las Vegas
Greg Franklin, Assistant Building Official Las Vegas
Robert Webber, Building Official Las Vegas (Retired)
Greg Hutchinson, Building Offical Canyon City, Colorado
Shelly Berkley, Congresswoman
Dean Friedli, Assistant Buiding Offical Las Vegas (Retired)
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